Thursday, 25 August 2011


In the fading light
............. I sit and listen to my
Breathing - take me home.

Monday, 15 August 2011

throwing a dart at the world

I picked a random town
a random city by throwing
a dart at a map of the world ....
grant it took me three goes to not land in the water
and then googled their public art
and below are the names of the public art
in Mountain View California
in no particular order

white tail by
bicycle kids
silent shapes in space and time #1
going for all the marbles
solar system iv
aura 11
crocodile dandee
toads book club
and untitled .....

I'm sure there's more
and no idea if they are loved,forgotten
admired or inspired ...

doesn't even give too much away about the town
suffice to say they do have public art and a website about it

A good way to get inspiration for a new poem
or a new song .... perhaps

........ crocodile dandee !!! .... sheesh ...
hey it's a cool sculpture