Tuesday, 4 August 2009

at the gold coast with gwen and jeanie

went to leave the gold coast
in the queue
behind me
gwen and jeanie
missed the flight
had to wait back in the lounge
with double g and tees
probably happy
except can't smoke the styvies
without goin outside
so annoying really
true ... yeah true
but it's all good
it's sunday evenin
cry tv

if the news
won't bring ya to tears
random moments of kindness will
it will .... I tell ya
like that nice woman
so deserved it actually
yeah she did ....,. yeah
actually .....
I hate flying
me too
yeah i know yes
it's so bizzare that many miles in the air
yeah i know
i hate taking off
i know it's so bizzare
yeah i know
it's so bizzare

moments whistle past
my cheeks alive with breezes

god love gwen and jeanie
but i'm off
back to the cross
kings bloomin' cross