Saturday, 12 December 2009

drinking the stars

at the time of the great battle
a time when demons strayed
deep into our world
the trees quivered
and the frogs knew
what was to begin

from the forest
deep inside
a drum hummed
so low
as to wake even the
sleepiest of beings

raising his cup
the strongest and most feared demon
was about to drink
the elixer of life ....

the sun and the moon
would not stand for this
and alerted the great gods
who decapitatede the head of the demon
before he could swallow the elixer

his head of course became immortal
and out of anger
he would
swallow the sun
and the moon
only for them to shortly reappear
in our mortal skies

this is ...
apart from a wonderous story
the true and correct
explanation of the eclipses