Wednesday, 30 June 2010

crazy day with an expletive warning!!

I'm following you -
he said to me
as I sat at Tropicana
eating porridge
under the din of
a world cup replay.
And I'm going to follow you all day ...

I almost spat the prune out.
What on earth for? Well that's what I said
but what I was really thinking was
how creepy is this guy ... the only day
I eat here on my own
because inventoria has headed up the hill
and I get Lurch leaning over my flat white
with bad breath

Excuse me ... your going to follow me I said ...
he stared right through me for a second then said
what did you say

Oh boy ... I thought .... let me just eat my porridge

OK ... can I just eat my breakfast alone please?
Firm but friendly ....isn't that how your supposed to react..
and it worked . Off he trots out the door
to creep out someone else

Mind you, all the way to the Taylor Square I'm
looking over my shoulder sign of him though
thank heavens

Then I get to the art school ... It's the old
Sydney Goal ...high sandstone walls with kids walking about
as if they're gonna be the next Sidney Nolan .... or
Joy Hester. Walking installations many of them.
I wonder which one could be a great artist ...
perhaps it's the one that looks like
a banker or the one with a very unstylish haircut or
the girl who seems as if she spent all morning
making sure she looks like she couldn't care less
what she was wearing
..... I wonder

then I get to the courthouse on the corner ... a truck is
delivering the prisoners for the day. Fate in the
hands of the jury i suppose ...or the judge.
The truck backs up to the dock
armed guardians opening a big iron gate ....
ahead on the footpath outside
sits a group of people
who look like they have slept the night
out in the cold, surrounded by empty bottles
drunk as they can be .... and it's 9am.

Anyway, they see the truck pull in
and one of the fellas shouts out

..."let the cunts go ya cunts" ...

well I can't help but start to laugh
just a little ...the whole episode is
very funny although blanketed in several layers
of sadness

I keep my eyes straight ahead

what are you laughin at mate ... slurs the group antagonist as
I quicken my pace a little

yep, I'm thinking to myself ... it's already a day to remember and I
haven't even got to where I'm going