Friday, 19 November 2010

all scoundrels amongst us

on my sleeve I will display
all misgivings and kept secrets
invisible to me

in my heart I will know
what is right and what is wrong
invisible to me

what will it take .... ?

the simplest of tomes
a slap or an airy second
the yellow in the eye's
of a beast that once
made me wonder of such things
like a chink ... the changing of keys
when concentrating on lyrics
abated and rested
abled by moments frozen
a sigh of relief

glowing like a whorehouse
a twinkling of the dubious
on the outside
this sloganed t shirt
is the frontline of a generation
all entered and backspaced beyond repair

digress ....

shakespeare was a jaunty fellow
did you know he only wrote in black robes
so as not to colour his arguments
a 15th century emo
whose misgivings and kept secrets
fell from his pages
inking fragilious
opting on out