Sunday, 23 January 2011

That werewholf feeling

I was asked to an event
a long way from here
to celebrate a moon even further
that was big and bold and half hidden from my eyes
by an unseen sun ...
a smoking ceremony was planned
with a leafy tree part
and some very old souls ...
all of us gathered
'bout a fire light.
I knew it was special ....
like a old Saints gig
or one of those days when I would skip school early
to go and see swinging steve and the surfside six
at the narrabeen antler .... except I knew it was midnight oil
when they really played it hard
the place was steamy and the beer dripped
from the ceiling and the energy was
mind blowing like nothing I knew about
half starved for oxygen
but more than compensated with by spirit ...
maybe it's not the music but the shear force of raw energy
that I remember ..... although I love the ambient
.... mmmm

Anyway ... here I am
miles away, feeling this special something
in the early full moon evening
thirty years on
when I jump the gate
instead of opening it and walking on through ..
I shattered my kneebone ...
nothing is more painful than a crack to the knee
not a poke to the eyeball
or a long time regret ...
but I was overwhelmed by a madness
and paid the price

I couldn't even hang about for the smoking part
I sure could have done with the healing
but I had done my dash
and hobbled home
to ice packs and pain killers

Then I thought that it was all making sense ...
oh yes I should have cracked my fucking knee
and missed that old saints gig feeling
that ambient night time energy
because I hadn't learnt rule fucking one the bloody gate!!