Monday, 25 July 2011

this old mouse trap

Today will stretch out
further than my lips will ever tell
and the sun will hang
like a puppet ....
the trees will sway
an everlasting dance
for each who care to see
such things.

Again I sit in the dress circle.
The actors look tired
in the white light ...
the audience - fascinated easily
applaud at each flinch
gasp at each heralding
tap their feet
to the gutless tunes.

I have my eyes on the curtain
and the exit sign above.
It winks at me
like a hooker from the
dirty half mile and
has me bounding for freedom
.... the first to leave they say
in over 200 years.

Tripping down the stairs
to a cold steel door i stumble ...
and outside
the afternoon sun hits my cheeks
where I fall unprepared
into the longest day
that ever has there been.