Friday, 16 September 2011

the luckiest dip of all

Of all the things old and new
that you and I have wondered of
and discarded
taken but for a glance
left to drip from the soles of our shoes and forgotten about .....
these little things that fly in unnoticed
and unannounced
that don't make sense till tomorrow ....
lets catch them up and keep them in a basket
that sits quietly on top of a cupboard
in the kitchen
and when we need a way through this
ready rolled pre fab
or when a pocketful of senseless misgivings
would do wonders for our stiff necks
or the thought of letting it go
just letting it all go
at least for now
sees us reach for the basket of gatherings
dip down deep like a lucky dip
hold on tight like a baby would baby
don't let go
no .... don't let go
cause the magic is 'bout to begin